Emily Noel - BETTER THAN HIGH-END Drugstore Makeup

Emily Noel - BETTER THAN HIGH-END Drugstore Makeup

May 31, 2023

Emily Noel's Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7g_XlTjmFk

Maybelline Perfector 4 in 1 Glow Makeup- Light https://bit.ly/3Xl1uq4 -applied with ELF Complexion Duo Brush https://bit.ly/3W21omy


- "I just feel like this is so unbelievably thin. It blends in beautifully, and can look really pretty, frankly on its own if you're having a really good skin day."

- "This has often been in the conversation as being a dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless filter.."

- "I consider it a better alternative to a number of other glowy primers that I have that cost more. Immediately I'm pulling out stuff from brands like Rare Beauty and Saie." 


L’oreal Lumi Bronze It- Deep https://bit.ly/3LXRSOX -applied with BK Beauty 107 https://bit.ly/3wDAxSB

- "I've got some other high-end glowy bronzers but I swear this tone is so perfect."


Hard Candy Face Off Liquid Contour- Sweet Tea https://bit.ly/3JujJ8d

- "What I love about these so much is they have a beautiful glow on the skin."

Hard Candy Face Off Liquid Blush- Born Yesterday, Who Is She https://bit.ly/3ZKuuIK -applied with Sephora 56 https://bit.ly/32JsgOD

- "it's an excellent formula but also a much better delivery than the other things that are squeezing up through those puffy tips also on the topic of blush."

Essence Pure Nude Baked Blush- Bold Heart, Pink Flush https://bit.ly/3pU6dDs -applied with ELF Blush Brush https://bit.ly/3o4WuWK

- "Laura Geller is the OG of baked does amazingly beautiful big blushes big bronzers however Essence is coming coming in hot with these beautiful pure nude blushes."

Hard Candy Insta Pout Balms- Colossal Caramel Plush Pink (Walmart)

- "Tt feels just the same texture, just the same cooling, but.. we're going to give it an actual luxurious weight to the tube. These feel more expensive than the current Buxom [lip balms]."


Hard Candy Insta Pout Lip Liner https://bit.ly/3GTL3uR -shades: Perfect Match, First Move, Kiss n Tell

- "We love Estee Lauder lip liners but why are these hard candy instapout lip liners better than those."

- "These are retractable these are not both have that handy little brush at the other end which I love."


Ioni Everlasting Lash Glue (Dollar Tree)

 - "I have used this constantly since purchasing."

- "It has not irritated my eyes it is latex and formaldehyde free I have gone and purchased two backups from my local Dollar Tree."

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