Emily Noel - "NEW (and improved?) ELF MAKEUP... Haul & Try-On"

Emily Noel - "NEW (and improved?) ELF MAKEUP... Haul & Try-On"



ELF Liquid Poreless Putty Primer https://bit.ly/433sCMa

- "So I've worn this for about the past three days yesterday during the cheerleading practice it was hot in the gym I was sweating but when I came home I looked at my makeup and I thought it's really hanging on"


ELF Camo CC Cream- Light 210 N https://bit.ly/3Psyuvu

- "I've always liked this product it does have nice coverage and it also contains SPF 30. It has collagen peptides and niacinamide."


ELF Lip Exfoliator https://bit.ly/3XzqevO

…Brown Sugar, Popcorn, Coffee

- "I got the classic brown sugar one it just has kind of a sweet smell"

- "You can really rub back and forth and get some exfoliating action on your lips so I was pleased with that"


ELF Squeeze Me Lip Balm- Peach https://bit.ly/3NPIBsX

- "This one smells really really good but this seems like a very small lip balm. You're getting 0.21 ounces in it."

- "It feels great, it feels nourishing, it's not greasy, it's hanging on the lips."


ELF Perfect 10 Eyeshadow Palettes https://bit.ly/440wb78

…Intergalactic, Summer Breeze, Rose Gold Sunset

FYI: I see Ulta's site has additional shade options: https://bit.ly/3JyyTc0


 - "I just thought was very nicely balanced. It did a really beautiful look for me"

- "You can get a really good 10 shade palette from Hard Candy for five dollars and change.. Really they've given us just a bit of a downgrade from before. These were kind of weighty pallets with a mirror involved."




Hard Candy 10-Color Palettes https://bit.ly/46svzJp

Wet n Wild 10-Color Palettes https://bit.ly/441uiXR




ELF Complexion Duo Brush https://bit.ly/3W21omy

Profusion Crease Brush http://bit.ly/3RwkZcF

Profusion Blending Brush https://bit.ly/3O6Zah3

Morphe Flat Brush https://bit.ly/3YtpkzB

Profusion Small Pointed Brush http://bit.ly/3HY3jmh

Morphe Small Flat Pointed Brush https://bit.ly/3XTObNx


I’m also wearing…

NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Concealer- Vanilla https://bit.ly/43sGLDg

Laura Mercier Ultra Blur Translucent Loose Powder https://bit.ly/3vGAENr

ColourPop Bronzer Stix- Moonstone Beach https://bit.ly/3JuASOz

Essence Pure Nude Baked Blush- Bold Heart https://bit.ly/3pU6dDs

ELF Ultra Precise Brow Pencil- Cool Brown https://bit.ly/3dx0jBO

NYX Control Freak Brow Gel https://bit.ly/3HPqgbc

Milani Eyeshadow Primer https://bit.ly/3CxjSVf

CoverGirl Exhibitionist Stretch & Strengthen Mascara https://bit.ly/43s6k7I

Caliray Come Hell or High Water Mascara (lower) https://bit.ly/3kwhDue

L’oreal Glow Paradise Lipstick- Nude Heaven https://bit.ly/3r5IWPt


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