Makeup Youtubers Review - Rituele De Fille 3 Drop Weightless Serum Foundation

Makeup Youtubers Review - Rituele De Fille 3 Drop Weightless Serum Foundation

Rituele de Fille says about their 3 Drop Weightless Serum Foundation, "[It] works like magic for a truly transformative yet utterly natural effect." Did the makeup Youtubers agree?

MilabuJul 25, 2023

- "The color is great. It's a really good neutral color. It's a radiant blurry finish, which is what I'd expect from a serum foundation."

- I'm not liking the way its looking on my chin. My chin is looking pretty dry with this foundation.

- We're going to do a full day wear test. [After wear test] It kinda sticks to dry patches. I think the makeup is wearing a little better with the primer. To get the longetivy, I'd recommend a gripping primer. 

- It's not the most long wearing foundation. What I liked most about was the packaging. It was also easy to blend. It's natural enough, but I don't like that it sticks to the dry patches.


@truleerodney, June 9, 2023

- So here I have three dots. I'm going to put it on my face like this and rub it in with my fingers.

- This actually melted.. Are you guys seeing this?!

- I applied the foundation at 10am. It is now 9pm. I'm pretty impressed.

Kackie Reviews Beauty, May 22, 2023

- So that was three drops. It is creating a very even finish.

- Sponge seems to be something that this foundation likes. Pretty pretty pretty. And a great shade match.

- Surprisingly really kinda snatched. It has fantastic finish without a ton of coverage. It's looking a lot more perfected than I thought.. I'm a big fan. This is quite lovely so far. 

- Is it the prettiest thing I have? It didn't give me total magic, but I did like how it turned out. It is weightless.

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