Makeup Youtubers Review - Smashbox Always On Skin-Balancing Foundation

Makeup Youtubers Review - Smashbox Always On Skin-Balancing Foundation

Smashbox came out with a new foundation. Are the makeup Youtubers loving it?

Always On Skin-Balancing Foundation | Smashbox

Tati, Aug 3rd, 2023
- "It says this will not change color, so does this have technology to not oxidize?"
- It's blending so nicely. That's something to know with good products.. Are they going to work with what you already got?
- My only complaint is that my forehead is a tiny bit dry. I think a hydrating primer would fix it.
- My combo skin is thriving in this foundation!

Patty Alonso, July 13, 2023
- It is such a thin foundation. It is sinking right into my skin. It look so skinlike.
- I did one pump on each cheek. I'm doing a third pump on my forehead now.
- I'm going to give this foundation a 9. Because I have desert dry skin.. after the four hour mark it did change on me and get a bit matte looking. It's not texture or dry.. it just looks more matte which makes me like it a little bit less. 

Not Fit for Print Beauty, July 12, 2023
- [Upon immediately putting it on] It is very pretty. Very natural.

- It's been a five hour wear test. Let's take a look together. Usually I have to pat and tap around the nose - I don't have to do that. 

- Is it sinking into pores or accentuating them? Not at all. 

- Who should buy this foundation? If you want a medium to full coverage. If you want a natural finish. It's not too matte, it's not too dewy. It feels really light.

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