Expert Reviews: Why Beauty of Joseon Relief Sunscreen SPF 50+ is a Must-Try According to Top Skincare Influencers

Expert Reviews: Why Beauty of Joseon Relief Sunscreen SPF 50+ is a Must-Try According to Top Skincare Influencers


In-Depth Reviews from Trusted Skincare Influencers

Beauty Within - 2.5M Followers in 2024

Background: With a focus on skincare, Beauty Within explores the world of skincare, beauty and wellness with 2.5M followers on Youtube. The hosts discuss skincare topics with industry leaders and experts.

Their Review of this product: 

"This [Beauty of Joseon sunscreen] literally shook the internet. Tiktok, Youtube, every platform you follow has talked about this sunscreen"

"This is chef's freaking kiss."

"You blend it in.. and voila! It disappears. It's gone."

Dr. Sam Ellis - 318k Youtube Followers in 2024

Background: Dr. Sam Ellis is a Board-Certified Dermatologist based in Northern California. Her goal is to answer all your skincare and treatment questions, share honest skincare product reviews, and give you a peek into my life as a dermatologist.

Her Review of this product: 

"This continues to be a favorite of mine.. This is a korean sunscreen that went viral in the last year in the skincare community and then the general public."

"People realized, omy gosh, sunscreen can lightweight. It can be easy to apply. I think people in the U.S. hadn't seen that before."

"This is the [suncreen] I typically recommend. This is the "gateway" sunscreen that can open their eyes to what is possible."

Thru Helens Lens - 42.6k Youtube Followers

Background: Helen is a beauty content creator from New York City. Her videos on Youtube that show her reviewing skincare and makeup products have over 8M views. I love that she has unfiltered content and honest reviews. I also like how she shows off the product in daytime lighting.

Her Review of this product: 

"This product went viral, but is it actually good? I've pretty much used it up."

"This sunscreen is a chemical sunscreen that feels like a lightweight lotion with no white cast. However, when I wear it under makeup it does pill."

"Overrall I think it is okay and very moisturizing."

How Does It Perform on Different Skin Types?

According to the reviews, Beauty of Joseon Sunscreen performs well across different skin types, providing hydration without leaving a greasy residue.

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