Makeup Youtubers Review

Makeup Youtubers Review


Sofia Sees Beauty

Jul 15, 2023

  • "I don't think this is the best formula for sculpting."
  • "This product is really good for melting into your foundation."
  • "It looks very naturally. It instantly warmed up the face. It's difficult to overdue this bronzer."

@RudiBerry, June 23, 2023

  • "I'm super intrigued because this seems like a super lightweight gell."
  • "You can't really mess this up, because it's so sheer."
  • "There are three shade. Here you see light and medium."


@alittlebitetc, June 17, 2023

  • "I'm going to apply it with my finger, and then use my sponge."
  • "It's patchy to apply at first, but the way it wears and looks on the skin all day, was beautiful."
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