Makeup Youtubers Review: Tower 28 Serum Concealer

Makeup Youtubers Review: Tower 28 Serum Concealer

Emily Noel, September 5, 2023

  • "I felt I was getting lighter coverage than my fuller coverage concealer."
  • "It looks very natural, and I like that."
  • "It survives a day of wear and doesn't really change its look. That's not something you can rely on with thicker products."

@BeautyStyleList, Aug 20 2023

  • "It has medium blendable coverage. It's weightless and easy to blend."
  • "It is great for sensitive skin, it is not irritating!"
  • "There are 20 shades available."

@RudiBerry, Aug 19 2023

  • "I'm blending with a sponge because this concealer has the capacity to be higher coverage."
  • "This is such a good mix between a light weight glowy concealer with a fuller-coverage concealer."
  • "We like Tower 28 for sensitive girls like myself."
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