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Nemat Amber Perfume Oil — 5 ml Roll-On

Nemat Amber Perfume Oil — 5 ml Roll-On

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Nemat Amber Fragrance Oil: The Perfect Long-Lasting Base

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For those who dare to stand out from the mainstream fragrance crowd.

✨ Signature Scent, Singular You ✨ Discover a fragrance that evolves with you. The Nemat Amber Fragrance Oil, available in a 10ml glass rollerball and a classic  glass bottle, is the whisper of luxury for the discerning beauty enthusiast who thrives off the grid of mainstream finds. Known for its soft, clean notes, Nemat's best-selling Amber Fragrance Oil integrates with your body's chemistry, crafting a personal "skin-scent" that's fresh and inspiring. 

🌿 Pure & Ethical Elegance 🌿 Imbibe the ethos of a clean, vegan lifestyle with every dab. This cruelty-free indulgence respects the planet with sustainable packaging, ensuring you leave a mark—only with your fragrance.

🌟 Long-Lasting, Fresh, Inspiring 🌟 Curated for the makeup aficionado who’s always on the hunt for TikTok’s viral wonders, this warm amber oil carries a fresh, clean scent that lingers all day, blending seamlessly with your body chemistry to create a unique "skin-scent."


  • 🌱 Clean Ingredients
  • 🐰 Vegan & Cruelty-Free
  • 🌎 Sustainably Packaged
  • 🚫 Formulated Without Harsh Chemicals

The Brand's Story:

Nemat is a brand that treasures the rich heritage of natural fragrances and the art of perfume making. With a lineage of over 160 years, Nemat’s founders began their journey amidst the floral bounty of Udaipur, India. Today, Nemat honors this legacy by crafting fragrances that are a testament to quality and a tribute to the natural beauty that inspired their forefathers. They invite you to experience the joy and serenity their scents evoke, sharing a piece of their family's history with each bottle.


✨ Join the chorus of individuality with Nemat Amber—a scent that is comforting, warm, and provides a long-lasting base for other fragrances. ✨

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